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Visit to Enchanted Gardens

If you are tired of Sydney’s hectic, hot concrete jungle, then let me show you an enchanted garden; a beautiful day trip. Enjoy the positive energy you’ll feel when surrounded by artfully landscaped gardens, blooming flowers and beautiful architecture. Grab your keys, put on your favourite road trip tunes and feel your worries fade away as Sydney’s concrete jungle disappears in the review mirror and the enchanted garden comes into view.

I’m a city person through and through. I’ve love how the yuppies in the city crowds strut their stuff and take themselves way too seriously. After sometime though in the crowded urban cafes, pubs and rushing from meeting to meeting I start to feel drained... and that sense of being disconnected. The best way I can reconnect is by immersing myself in nature and adopting a vibe of gratitude.

So I hit trusty Google and searched for Sydney day trips and before I knew it I was heading up the Blue Mountains towards Mayfield Gardens. One of the largest privately owned private gardens in the Southern Hemisphere (16,000ha) built on former farm lands – is the perfect place to reconnect with yourself and energise. Surrounded by blooming flowers, ponds and architecturally designed gardens, it is the perfect way to increase your vibrations. Gardens are a physical expression of beauty and art which often represent status, philosophy, religion and politics. Surrounding ourselves with the vibe we want to feel is the quickest way to reconnect and change our perspective on a situation.

Mayfield Gardens are privately owned and the expressed imagination of the Hawkins family. After travelling to Europe they took their inspiration from the crafted European gardens and the cultural (and quite often political) significance they represent. While privately owned, the gardens are open 363 days per year to the public and private events – including a Mad Hatter all white themed evening event – which looks amazing. They also have a lovely café, awesome hedge maze and Museum which documents the family’s journey and the importance the gardens have in their lives.

So whether your way of reconnecting is surfing, reading a beautiful book or exploring enchanted gardens – I encourage you to put this on your to-do-list. Or maybe try creating a to be list for a change. What do you want your weekend vibe to be? What beauty do you want to be surrounded by this weekend? How do you want to feel on Sunday night, as you reflect on the weekend that’s been and the week that is to come? These are powerful questions and will reshape your experience of your weekend if you think about them deeply. Really deeply.

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