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Generating Joy in Croatia

I remember the exact location I was able to use a simple technique from Brendan Burchard on how to change what I was feeling. Off the Croatian coast it was hot, sunny and the wind was tossing my hair as the rustic sailboat I was on battled the open ocean waves. On-board we had home-made wine, an animated deckhand and of course, my mum. While I stood at the railing and was amazed by all the beauty, I felt stressed. Guilty even. For what? Small projects I hadn’t finished, not writing more posts, vlogs or something shitty at work. Fill in your reason: I feel guilty right now because __________.

I’d invested heavily to be there with my time (that precious leave) and with my money (of which I always think in terms of how long it took to earn it). I’d also invested a lot of my energy to be there – mothering my mum is hard work – ‘ol duck won’t do what she’s told (or asked)! :-).

So, I thought to myself about Brendan’s book I was reading the day before on a Croatian stone slated open ocean ‘beach’ called Motivation Manifesto. I did a powerful exercise and felt present and I generated joy for the rest of the day. So, next time you’re trying to BE joyous, but it’s not working – give this a go:

  • Picture a stage

  • Your current scene is where you are

  • Place on the stage who you are with and what you are currently doing

  • Focus on the character you want to play

  • How do they move, speak, think and feel? Who are they being?

  • Acknowledge without judgement the characters or props (projects/work not done) that also appear on the stage without judgement

  • Now, remember you want to generate joy and really embrace this moment. So look at the items and people don’t you want on the stage and bless them off to the stage wings.

  • Now bring in the people, props, experiences you do want to experience

  • As you see the Act play out before you – make it more colourful, the laughter louder, the joy stronger.

By now you could be feeling lighter, more joyous and more present in the moment. I say could because results will always vary. Or if all that fails – just hit the pub – nothing feels better than sunstroke with a hangover. Ask my mum :-).