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How to Make New Friends in Global Cities

Getting out in Sydney and making new friends

Moving to Sydney has been a great journey. I mean what a great playground it is! Theres always so many world class events and concerts, outstanding museums and art galleries and I love the bars which have quiet corners one can tuck themselves away in for private conversations.

And like to moving to any new place, regional or urban, one needs to get out there, put themselves out there and make new friends. Quite often I don't feel like it, a partial introvert who loves their own company, I end up thinking 'it would be nice to go with someone to the art gallery or for a walk along Sydney Harbour.'

So while I really start to kick off this journey seriously having been here over 12 months now, these are some of the things I'm doing that might help you find some friends that bring more colour and joy to your life:

1. Clarify what type of friends you want. Just a few paragraphs or key qualities. This will help you spot them instantly. Seek and ye shall find.

2. Search Meetup groups & the web generally for your areas of interest. This could be personal, like hiking or professional, like blockchain or finance.

3. Join the group and attend - EVEN IF YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE IT. Ok, so totally should take my own advice here as I tend to not follow through on my committment to self when they are hosted after work. But that changes now.

Becuase I know to really enjoy my time here in Sydney and experience its full richness and treasures, I gotta get out there.

4. Be consistent - in getting out there and exploring new things that could interest you, discovering new parts of Sydney and just having fun in your downtime.

Yesterday I went to a Social Table event @ Blackbear BBQ. It was lovely and I really enjoyed the small group conversations, because I find these generally have more meaning and are enjoyable for me.

Ben the founder was there and besides being super charasmatic, also shared his heartfelt story of being adopted at 18months from a Sri Lankan orphanage. He said the Lion movie was very similar to his own life story.

It was great to meet new people and explore a part of the city and eat American BBQ cusine I most likely never would have without this event.

So put yourself out there - the world wants to get to know you, hear your laughter and see your smile!

Much love